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Shoring/ Bracing/ Underpinning

There are many reasons why lifting a house or building is not the best approach for a particular project. Often times this is the case with town homes, apartment buildings, duplex’s or any structure sharing a party wall with another building. Looking to turn your crawl space into a full basement or need to replace an old failing foundation, underpinning may be the best solution for you.

Shoring or Bracing the whole structure or just an isolated portion of a building like a roof or façade wall is a request we get often. We have in our inventory, shoring systems for taller support/ bracing jobs, shoring posts, wooden cribbing and aluminum and steel beams of all sizes to tackle any small to medium size job at a moment’s notice.

Expert House Movers has braced, and shored up, roof and basement collapse projects. We have supported masonry facades of historic buildings, and even shored up houses after hurricanes on the verge of falling down where the storm surge washed out around the foundations. For questions or to get a quote, please Contact Us.