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whole house being moved

Most people think of buildings and houses as permanent, immobile and fixed in place. Expert House Movers has been helping people break out of that mentality for three generations, giving our customers more options and often at a lower price point than tearing down and building new. Sometimes people are not aware or familiar enough with the concept of house moving to consider a potential solution to their development or construction/ renovation needs. Here are some common reasons why our customers choose to relocate their home:

When subdividing property, sometimes the house can be between two parcels straddling the new property lines and needs to be moved.

  • The structure is on commercial property soon to be developed and is slated for demolition unless it is moved.
  • Moving the home out of the 100’ critical area buffer on a water front lot to free up construction options.
  • Loss of property due to coastal erosion is forcing you to relocate the home back from the water.
  • Moving a home to the rear of the property away from the road for more privacy.
  • Historical designation or sentimental value of a building or home many times factors into a project’s redevelopment plans requiring a move.

When considering relocating a house, the two main factors that qualify the feasibility of the job are move route and cost.First and fore most you have to find a move path that has enough clearance for the structure to fit from point A to point B mainly looking at the height and width as your limiting constraints. Once a viable move route has been identified, an estimate for the work can be produced.

Expert House Movers Inc. will take on all move jobs large or small.“If man can build it, we can move it.” We specialize in relocating historic stone and masonry buildings.Our track record speaks for itself, having moved six lighthouses, three theaters, the longest wooden covered bridge in the world, the heaviest building ever moved on rubber tires at 7,000 plus tons in Newark, NJ, and thousands of residential move jobs completed in the over 70 years in business.

For more information about house moving, please take time to look at the building relocation jobs we have completed in the Project Gallery. You can also find more in depth information about the move process in FAQ. For questions or to get a quote, please Contact Us.