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house being lifted

Lifting houses constitutes on average about half of our annual workload. In other words, we raise a lot of homes! For most folks, their home is the single largest investment they own. When looking for elevation contractors to lift your home, you want a company you can trust, feel confident in their reputation, know they have seen it all, who is licensed and insured, uses the most up to date equipment, and with a focus on quality, not quantity.

Expert House Movers Inc. has been operating as a family run elevation and relocation business for over 70 years and can help you with all of your structural elevation needs.

The most common reasons our customers lift homes are:

  • Replace an old foundation.
  • Want more head room in their basement or want to install a basement where one didn’t exist.
  • Need to lift their home to be above the Base Flood Elevation (BFE) for Flood Mitigation and lower FEMA based flood insurance policies.
  • Lift 9’-12’ to add another story to the ground level of the house without having to remove the roof.
  • Want higher ceilings on an existing house. The walls are separated from the sub floor and the house is lifted high enough so that the studs can be extended adding the extra ceiling height desired.
  • Lift/ support home so that contaminated soils can be removed from under the home.

Expert House Movers Inc. does offer basement excavation services depending on where in the mid-Atlantic the project is located. For more information about house lifting, please take time to look at elevation jobs we have completed in the Project Gallery. You can also find more in depth information about the move process in FAQ. For questions or to get a quote, please Contact Us.