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Expert House Movers Inc. is a certified installer of Magnum Piering products. Our main foundation repair tools consist of installing helical and push piers to solve foundation settlement issues due to unsuitable soil conditions.

A helical pier is a foundation pile made of steel that contains helices just like screws. It is driven into the soil, to depths below the frost line by use of a hydraulic drive head attached to a skid steer, or mini excavator. Helical piers can be used for both residential and commercial applications. Helical piers are used to support structures especially where soil conditions are challenging, making it hard to set up a traditional foundation system. Instead of expensive large excavations, they thread deep into the ground. They are also used to repair existing foundations that are failing due to unsuitable soil, improper installation methods, faulty construction materials, or a combination of the three. Helical piers minimize time spent installing a foundation, causing minimal disturbance to the soil, and transfers the weight of the structure to soils deep into the earth.

How Helical Piers Work

The screw piles are driven into the soil until the load capacity is achieved. They are spaced at pre-determined intervals to share the weight of the structure. When used for foundation repairs, brackets are attached to the base of the walls to transfer the weight to the pile. They are generally installed between ten to thirty feet below the ground level, but may be extended deeper if they do not meet the required torque.

Helical piers are made of galvanized steel to prevent rusting. They are generally estimated to last a hundred years. However, this might be shorter or longer depending on the soil conditions. If you are seeing severe foundation settlement with visible damage, consider helical piers for a deep foundation solution to solve your problems.

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