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Types of Machinery for Transporting Structures

Types of Machinery for Transporting Structures

Structure relocation involves the lifting and moving of houses and buildings from a place to another. It requires heavy-duty equipment to support weight and bearing.

To give you a simple background of what House Lifting Contractors utilize for the safe transfer of your properties, here are some examples of our resources:

  • Temporary steel frames – are standard tools for structural support.
  • Box crib – a wooden beam stacked to hold and stabilize the structure and the jacks while lifting.
  • Hydraulic jacking systems – a mechanical device for lifting heavy loads. We use state-of-the-art jacking systems for Structural Lifting in Maryland.
  • Hydrostatic self-propelled dolly rigs – are what we put under the framework or the massive object to get it moving. These are not your ordinary dollies – they make work a lot easier and faster.
  • Flatbed trucks – move large structures to long distances.

The combination of the latest technology, professionalism, and innovative ideas is what makes our 70 years of operations successful. Expert House Movers Inc promises competency and expertise that we have proven to our clients through the years. Let our crew handle the job – we have the best solutions in House Lifting Services Sharptown, Maryland.

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