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Things You Need Before Moving a Historic House

Things You Need Before Moving a Historic House

There are several things to consider when you’re planning to move a historic house. For starters, you’ll have to know where it’s going and have a new foundation in place to put the house on.

You’ll also have to conduct several reinforcement and repair tasks to ensure that the whole structure stays intact during the move.

Building permits, utility permits (if power lines need to be raised during the move), and other permissions will also be required, especially if you need to block off the street during the move.

Our House Lifting Contractors can help you process permits to ensure a smooth transition.

Furthermore, you’ll have to make sure that water, telephone, and electric lines are all disconnected before the move.

Once all this is over, our expert house lifters in Washington DC can help you plan out the best route to take during the moving process. Many streets may not be large enough to accommodate the size of your house, which is why we have to be careful with which streets we choose.

We understand the worry that many clients feel when it comes to Structural Lifting in Maryland. It’s definitely a huge undertaking and involves a ton of risk.

However, we at Expert House Movers Inc. have been providing House Lifting Services Sharptown, Maryland for decades and we’re confident that we can finish any move with precision, skill, and care.

Learn more about our services by calling us, today!

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