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Discover the Benefits of Using Helical Piers

Discover the Benefits of Using Helical Piers

Helical piers are key components for stabilizing new foundations and raising existing foundations of commercial structures and residential homes. Also known as screw anchors, they offer structural support and are commonly used to support structures like bridges, elevated walkways, and even electrical utility applications.

For this reason, many house lifting contractors utilize helical piers to provide the best service to their customers. In today’s blog, we will discuss the many benefits of using helical piers for your home or building:

  • Foundation Repair
    Using helical piers for foundation repair is the preferred choice of many contractors. That is because it provides a proven solution for effectively raising settled concrete while stabilizing the foundation. This also provides additional benefits like ease of installation, little to no site disturbance, lesser vibration, and lower excavation costs.
  • Deep Foundation Projects
    If you need a deep foundation for your next construction project, consider utilizing helical piers. Helical piers are useful in transferring a load of a structure deep into the ground rather than letting the load sit on the surface. They can also improve unique site constraints and poor soil conditions.
  • Piling for Varied Terrain
    Helical piers are also effective for several types of soil and configurations. This makes it an ideal option for sloped landscapes and even soil like loose sand or stiff clay. Helical piers are also more versatile and can make it easier to install configurations.

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