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Debunking the Top 5 Myths About House Lifting


House lifting is a complex and challenging process involving raising a structure from its foundation and moving it to a new location. While this technique can be an effective solution for a range of structural issues, many myths about house lifting can prevent homeowners from considering it as an option.

As expert house lifters, we’re here to debunk the top five myths about house lifting:

  • Myth #1: House lifting is too expensive.
    Many homeowners assume that house lifting is prohibitively expensive, but the truth is that the cost of the project depends on many factors.
  • Myth #2: House lifting is only for historic buildings.
    While house lifting is commonly used for historic structures, it can also be an effective solution for homes damaged by flooding, need additional space, or require foundation repair.
  • Myth #3: House lifting takes too long.
    While lifting a house is complex and requires careful planning and execution, our team of experienced house lifters can typically complete the project within a few weeks.
  • Myth #4: House lifting is not safe.
    House lifting is a safe and effective technique when performed by experienced house lifting contractors in Maryland.
  • Myth #5: House lifting is not environmentally friendly.
    House lifting can be a sustainable and eco-friendly solution. By preserving and repurposing existing structures, we help reduce waste and minimize the environmental impact of new construction.

At Expert House Movers Inc., we’re committed to providing our clients with reliable and effective structural lifting in Sharptown, Maryland.

Contact us today to learn more about our house lifting services in Sharptown, Maryland, and how we can help you solve your structural challenges.

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