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This article talks about Expert House Movers Inc. being featured in a PBS Documentary on the relocation of the New Blenhiem Covered Bridge in New Blenhiem, NY. This is the longest wooden single span covered bridge in the world.

9/25/2019 – This article talks about the relocation of the Historic Galloway house in Easton, MD. This move captivated the whole region during its two week long transit.

5/4/2020 – This article is in regards to the relocation of a historic log cabin in Ellicott City, MD. Expert House Movers relocated the small historic structure to make way for a drainage infrastructure project.

12/19/2019 – We picked up a two story historic house on Wisconsin Ave in Washington DC, rotated it 90 degrees and moving it to the back of the property to make way for the construction of a new apartment building.

8/21/2017 – The historic “Hardware Store” is the oldest wood frame structure in downtown Bethesda. It had been moved once before in 1985. Expert House Movers was contracted to relocate it once again to make room for new construction. The route was to narrow for the building to fit so it had to be split in two pieces to make the move.

1/11/2019 – This article is about the relocation of the historic brick Mackenzie house in Detroit, MI for Wayne State University. Weighing in at over 550 tons, this three story brick house was moved on the same property to make way for an expansion of the theater.

2/20/2019 – This is a job in Ozark, MO an old historic Mill building that we relocated on the same property so a new foundation to be installed at a higher elevation due to flooding along the Finley River in Ozark, MO.