EHM is Elevating the Cajun Center Out of the Swamp, Literally!

The Cajun Coast Welcome and Interpretive Center has sunk a reported four feet into the very swamp the facility was built to showcase. The team of experts at Expert House Movers have been called in to elevate the structure so it can open for visitors.

- Morgan City, Louisiana

"The 1,200-ton, 16,000 square feet building appears to have sunken in the middle. At last check, the building has sunk more than four feet."

The Cajun Coast Welcome and Interpretive Center was scheduled to open to visitors this past summer. That was before the building started sinking into the very swamp the facility was built to showcase. Visitors driving by can see the dip in the building from afar. At last check, the building has sunk more than four feet.

The 1,600-ton, 16,000 square feet building appears to have sunken in the middle. The pictures you see are not doctored. One local newspaper noticed the water lilies next to the building are now higher than the front door.

The Cajun Coast Visitors & Convention Bureau, who will eventually call the Center home, had been working with the contractor and architect on fixing the sinking problem. Early discussions included two options – either fix the current structure, or knock it down and start over. All parties involved agreed to call in Expert House Movers (EHM) and Brownie Companies. Two of the nations industry leaders in the elevation of masonry and concrete structures. Both EHM and Brownie Companies have built their reputation on four generations of experience, innovation and engineering by their families. They pride themselves on being on the cutting edge when it comes to moving or lifting structures of all sizes and in all situations.

Joe Matyiko Cajun Center

Joe Matyiko of Expert House Movers in front of the sunken Cajun Welcome Center

EHM and Brownie Companies, have partnered with Magnum Piering on this project. Combining the elevation knowledge of EHM, the structural and geotechnical engineering of Brownie Companies and the exceptional piering products and equipment of Magnum, makes this one of the most respected teams ever assembled in the piering industry.

The repair process calls for cutting access panels in the floor slab. Underpinning brackets will be mounted to the bottom of each existing capsill beam. A Magnum steel push pier will be hydraulically driven into the underlying sand layer. Using all piles, EHM and Brownie Companies will simultaneously lift and re-level the existing foundation using the Unified Lift method. Upon completion of the elevation, Phase 2 of the contract calls for Expert House Movers to repair any damage that was caused by the collapse and all finishing work necessary to re-open to the public.


Expert House Movers (EHM) is a full service structural moving company that covers the mid-west and the entire eastern seaboard. With four generations of family run business, operating out of three branches across the country, EHM is equipped to handle any project, large or small.

Brownie Companies is a Structural Specialty Firm established in 1922 and based in New York & Florida. Four generations & over 90 years of service across the eastern United States have made us an industry leader for all structural services.

Magnum Piering, Inc. has been manufacturing push piling products and helping companies apply these systems for over 30 years. Jacked piles are a proven technology that have patents dating back to the 1960’s and have appeared in building codes as early as 1973. Magnum’s systems have been used to lift and support literally 100’s of thousands of structures throughout history.