Chappaquiddick Mansion is Rescued From Eroding Bluff

Mansion on eroding bluff

Photo by The Vinyard Gazette

This 8,300 square foot home on Chappaquiddick Island was built in 2007 and was originally built 220 feet away from the coastal bluff. Due to a change in currents, the bluff began to erode at a rapid pace of 0.87 per day. In 2013, the home sat a frightening 40 feet from the edge of the bluff.The homeowners, Mr. and Mrs. Schifter, called EHM and by March 2013 the relocation project was approved. In late June, the home had been excavated and placed on a grid of steel beams. It took less than a week to relocate the mansion, foundation and all,  to its new location 275 feet away and safe from the eroding shoreline.

Moving Day at Erosion Threatened Schifter House

By The Vineyard Gazette

This short video shows just how close the home was to tumbling into the ocean.

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